About Moondial

The MOONDIAL lab is the nexus between silicon and style. We regard our body as a node in a networked (digital) system and the skin as metaphor to conceive computational fashion. We invent, forecast, and consult on technology infused experiences and products for our clients from DuPont to VF Corporation. www.moondial.com

About the report

The FASHIONABLE TECHNOLOGY REPORT focuses on the intersection between design, fashion, science and technology and is conceived by Dr. Sabine Seymour. It is published twice a year.

The introductory report focuses on THE SUPER HUMAN and merges the visuals of a trend report with the data of a business report. It features trends, products, business data, and company profiles. Selected art projects visualize the trends observed. The desire to create a super human through advances in technology is highlighted with products from Zeal Optics to Under Armour. The report also provides a timeline of products in this space by consumer brands Adidas and Nike and features OEMs like Clothing+. 86 Pages.

US$100 per issue*

*Due to popular demand we are now offering all issues for a flat rate of US$100 per issue.


report [at] moondial [dot] com

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Report #2

SCIENCE FASHION concentrates on scientific explorations that manifest themselves in bioart, research projects, and product explorations focusing on the body as metaphor.



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