Sabine Seymour

SUPANOVA. Who wants to be a CEO?

Data Economist // Entrepreneur, Researcher, Professor, Investor, Keynote Speaker, Athlete // #tokeneconomy #defi #dataforgood #IoT #digitalhealth #biodiversity #digitalhumanism // Lisbon + Vienna (formerly New York)

Founder @ SUPA. Founder @ MOONDIAL. Co-Founder @ polypoly Cooperative. Faculty Member @ Singularity University Portugal. Technical Advisor @ Alerje.

Credit: Hannes Rohrer

As a technologist, I conceive products at the intersection of sensors, data, and the body. As an economist, I develop inventive business models with data using distributed technologies to empower citizens to gain financial value from their data.

I am Austrian born, lived in Paris, Sydney, and New York. Now you find me in the Austrian mountains and Lisbon. My passion is bio-dynamic food as medicine, sports as therapy, and data ethics – hence the title of my new book in progress: Notes from a Social Datavist. I am an avid snowboarder, skier, surfer, golfer, hip hop dancer – and sneakerhead, and built a helmet as game controller in 1996.

You can contact me via LinkedIn or MOONDIAL.


If you like prose I distilled some of my favorites here.

ENTREPRENEUR. I like setting up new ventures. I founded my first think tank MOONDIAL in 1998 in New York and 2007 in Vienna. MOONDIAL is a think tank and boutique consultancy exploring the intersection of sensors, data, and the body focused on digital health and green tech to achieve a regenerative lifestyle. MOONDIAL is the nexus between silicon and style™.

SUPA® was launched in 2016 at Demo Day at NewInc in New York. Forbes produced a video about SUPA Apparel as Data Platform and Mercedes used it in an original movie. In January 2019 I presented the aspect of getting paid for data at World Web Forum in Zurich. SUPA is now focused on tokenizing biometric and environmental data for digital real world evidence. What is the impact of climate change on our health? How much is our biometric data worth?

SUPA started as SOFTSPOT in New York in 2015 by making apparel a biometric data sensor after winning the WomenWhoTech Challenge in New York and receiving a grant from Craig Newmark (Craig’s List). SOFTSPOT was a finalist at the SXSW Accelerator Wearable Technologies, finalist at Project Entrepreneur (Rent the Runway Foundation), finalist at DKNY Challenge, and invited to the NASA Solutions Meeting at the Space Center Houston.

PROFESSIONAL POSITION. I join visionary teams. In April 2020 I co-founded polypoly Cooperative. In the very early days of the Internet (as early as 1996) I worked as Client Partner, Mobility Specialist at Razorfish (the original one on Mercer Street in New York), and had various stints from programming Java to leading the creative team for Nike Running at R/GA, Hewlett-Packard, and Open Systems in New York, Vienna, and Zurich.

BOARD MEMBER, INVESTOR, ADVISOR. I like to enable visions. I serve as a board member, investor, and adviser for companies that are into digital health, bio-dynamic food, and extreme sports. I was the Vice-Chair Person for polypoly Cooperative until December 2021. In March 2020 I joined the food allergy startup Alerje as Technical Advisor.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER. I inspire novel approaches. In March 2020 I officially joined Singularity University Portugal as a Faculty Member and presented at the Singularity Virtual CoVid19 Summit. In 2019 I joined Zukunftsinstitut as a professional speaker. I am an invited domain expert for Disney, Autodesk, NASA, Lufthansa and public speaker at TEDx, SXSW, Ars Electronica.

PROFESSOR AND RESEARCHER. I share my research. In fall 2019 I joined Interface Culture at the University of Arts in Linz as guest professor and researcher focusing on new data governance based on an ethical management of data can ensure users to gain both privacy and financial value. Previously, I was the inaugural professor and director of the Fashionable Technology Lab at Parsons School of Design in New York, led the research project BODYMETAPHOR with co-researcher Miriam Steele at the New School of Social Research, conceived Computational Cellulose at Aalto University.

CURATOR AND NON-PROFIT BOARD MEMBER. I curate art and science. I was the Chair of the Rockefeller Foundation funded Computational Fashion Research Initiative at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York. I was Member of the Board of the non-profit European Cultural Center. I guest curated the MAK Fashion Lab at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.

AUTHOR. I write books. Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Fashion, Design, Science, and Technology (Springer, 2008), Functional Aesthetics (Springer, 2010), and Computational Fashion (2014). I currently work on a new publication with the working title Notes from a Social Datavist™.

MENTOR AND JUROR. I like to provide feedback. In June 2018 I became an expert reviewer for the European Commission. I was also a StartUp mentor at NEWINC incubator, Vienna Economic Agency Creative Industries, and juror at organizations like the German Design Award and Ars Electronica.

AWARDS. People like what I do. I received numerous awards including the Michael Kalil Fellowship for Smart Design in 2000. I was a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow Finalist. And I was featured as an exemplary for my life’s work at the Museum of Applied Arts 150 years anniversary exhibition in Vienna in 2014.

Credit: Katrin Wißkirchen

PRESS. I got some street cred. I was called inventor of the future by Cool Hunting and have been featured in Wired, Vogue, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Der Standard and appeared on PBS, NBC, and ORF.

EDUCATION. I got some schooling. I hold a PhD and joint-MSc/MBA in Economics and Social Sciences from Vienna University of Economics and Columbia Business School in New York, and a Master in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

Latest from Sabine


PONY NFT was awarded Creatives for Vienna 2021 to finance regenerative agriculture.

Happy Hour for Datavists™

The article Happy Hour for Datavists™ in the Positive and Mindful Leader Magazine in December 2020 describes my journey of having this crazy idea of using decentralized technology to build a #datacooperative model.

Ars Electronica Festival

I curated Get.Inspired and was invited to present data cooperatives in Business Models for Online Content as part of the conference realized within Digital Cross Over and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union in September 2020.

SUPA Immune

I was awarded Creatives for Vienna by the Vienna Business Agency for SUPA Immune in June 2020.

Nova SBE Executive Education

Webinar #42 | 9 to 5 Makes Us Sick – Literally in June 2020. Humanizing work for GenZ in the age of Greta and Corona. Connecting work with purpose. A brainstorm of new models of remote work for GenZ, a generation of digital natives.

We digitize the body — and humanize technology

I wrote an Opinion Piece for Wattson (Portuguese) in April 2020. The original English version is on Medium.